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A detail of the wall at the entrance to the gavit of the church of St.Amenaprkitch

The Academy is a hall shaped like a gallery, fitted in between the two churches. It was built in two successive stages: first the three arcades to the west, then towards the end of the XI century the other four were built. It is a hall with a single nave, covered by a barrel-vault with protruding supporting arches resting on pillars which run along the walls lengthwise after nating with rectangular niches, also covered with barrel-vaults. The pupils sat on the stone benches, while the teacher, following the custom of peripatetic schools, walked about among them. The heavy base and the rhythmic series of arches create a monumental impression even in a hall which is relatively small. The deep niches along the walls, the abundance of light coming in from the longer side, all help to create a particular spatiality which can also be closely linked to the nearby larger space of the gavit with three naves of the church of Amenaprkitch.

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