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Gavit with three naves. A detail of the interior

The dome, which had been destroyed by an earthquake, was completely rebuilt. Further restorations were carried out in 1652, 1815 and 1881.
The chapel of St. Gregory, which has a plan inscribed in a circle, was built in 1061. The restricted interior space (11.50 m.) is spread out in all four directions by means of little porticoes. All the walls must once have been covered with frescoes. Outside, the cylindrical volume rests on a podium with three steps and is lightened by four narrow triangular niches. Over all is a cylindrical drum and a pinnacle with crescent-shaped arches, decorated with a series of circles and ovals which were intended to enclose all the external surface. The entrance door is richly decorated with a pattern of a cross set in a square with stylized leaves. Similar designs decorate the shutters of the internal windows. There have been several adjustments and alterations, the present dome in particular dates from 1652 and the exterior volume seems lower than it was originally.The library (matenadaran) built in 1063 by Princess Hranoush, has a square plan and is covered with four diagonal arches curving right across, joining the median points of the walls, where there are ten niches of different shapes and sizes, which served as shelves for codexes and manuscripts.
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