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General view from the top of the bell-tower

Of special interest are the carvings of four animal heads, placed on the points where the arches meet in the central hall. Another unusual feature is the model of the church, placed under the arch leading into the north sacristy. Its unusual location makes it possibly one of the oldest known models. Inside the church traces of frescoes can be seen. During the restoration of 1652the drum and the dome were rebuilt, the facades were partially changed and the roofs were raised. The great hall on the west side of the church of St. Astvatzatzin is in effect a gavit. Built in 1211, under the rule of Vatche Vatchoutian, it is a hall with three naves, of which the central one is on the axis of the church; they are as wide as they are high, separated by two rows of three columns which can be clearly discerned from outside the covering and from the trlangular drums of the west facade. This facade is a loggia with twin arcades and triangular pediments. Inside the hall heavy columns uphold large barrel vaults, crossed by transversal arcades that together create a highly original organization of space. The use of the basilica form for a construction such as the gavit is very unusual in Armenia.

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