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Detail of the tymphanum of St.Amenaprkitch with bas-relief of the donors holding the model of the church

The interior space is strongly defined in its architectural whole and is softened by the decorative motifs of the half-columns and lightened by the niches carved in the walls. The exterior of the matenadaran has been changed: the drums of the four facades have been eliminated and replaced by over hanging cornices. The dome at the entrance has been richly decorated and has been developed in the thickness of the wall. On the east front there is a cross-shaped window: according to H.Orbeli, the two protruding window-sills were used as lecterns for reading or services held outside. The portico in front of the library (matenadaran) dates from the beginning of the XIII century. The portico joins the two churches of St. Astvatzatzin and St. Gregory, creating an intimate, separate, space in which the funeral chapel of the noble family of the Kiurikians was placed. (This was demolished in 1831).
The bell-tower is situated on the north of the gavit with three naves, and is built on a square plan with two floors and an attic which has a circular floor resting on columns. It dates from 1121-1235, and is the work of Vag, son of Abas. The second floor, where three small chapels are to be found, is covered with double, crossed-over arches, which hold up the circular floor of the attic. In this way the passage from the square plan of the base to the circular form of the attic has been resolved.

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