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The west tymphanum of the church.
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The hall is illuminated by three large windows on the perimeter walls, north, south and east; the east window is cut into the semi-cylindrical surface of the apse, while the one on the west was closed when the gavit' was built. In conjunction with the windows of the drum of the dome, they provide the church with sufficient light. The Gandzasar church is richly decorated both inside and out. The slightly pointed arches that support the dome are decorated with a series of "teeth (north and south) and a series of small semicircular arches (east and west). In the lower corners, there are decorations with geometrical motifs (circles, stars, squares); at the top, however, right below the dome, there are reliefs depicting a bull, ram and eagle typical of medieval Armenian art. On the inside, the dome is cylindrical, articulated by eight pairs of half-columns connected by small arches.

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The monastery of Gandzasar