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   The palace of Baron. The ruins and the entrance
Руины дворца Барона. Вход.

1021: Georgi, King of Kartli and of Abkhazia, with the help of Hovhannes-Smbat, rises in rebellion against the Byzantine Emperor Basil II. In the battle near Lake Akhurian (Qildir), the Byzantine armies beat the Georgians and Armenians. The consequences of this battle are disastrous, especially for the kingdom of Ani. In actual fact, Emperor Basil decides to put an end to this kingdom. The kingdom of the Artzruni is also suppressed and becomes a region governed by the Byzantines. 1021-1022: The catholicos Petros is invited to Trebizond to negotiate peace with the emperor. He makes out a "will and testament" of King Hovhannes-Smbat in favour of the Byzantines. In this "testament", it is stated that, on the king’s death, the kingdom of Ani passes into the hands of the Byzantines, while the catholicos receives large sums of money from the Byzantines for services rendered. 1026: Prince Vahram Pahlavuni builds the church of Amberd. 1028: The vestis Sargis builds the fortress of Tzarak’ar and the churches dedicated to Saints Hovhannes and Sekenos. 1033: The vestis Sargis builds the Monastery of Khtskonk near the village of Tekor and surrounds it with walls. A small-scale earthquake is recorded at Ani. 1035: The catholicos Petros moves to Sebaste (Sivas) and subsequently settles definitely at Bdjni, with Prince Vahram Pahlavuni. The King of Ani appoints Dioskoros, the Superior of Sanahin, as catholicos of the Armenians. Abulgharib has an inscription made on the outer wall of the church of St. P’rkitch (the Saviour) at Ani to commemorate the erection of the building.1036: A Grand Council is convened in Ani to solve many religious problems. Its main aim is the reconciliation of the catholicos Petros with King Hovhannes-Smbat, through the mediation of Hovsep’, catholicos of Albania. It is once more Abulgharib, in another inscription, who speaks of works undertaken for the construction and completion of the church of St. P’rkitch. Beside the window of the church of St. Grigor near the Monastery of Horomos, an inscription left by King Smbat mentions a donation of his to the monastery to be used for the royal burial ground.

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