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   The church of St.Grigor of the Abughamrents

978: King Smbat completes the construction of the second line of fortified walls around the town of Ani. 979-979: Sargis, Superior of the Monastery of Horomos, builds the church of Karmir Vank’, the Red Monastery. He also builds the church of St. Grigor in the Monastery of Haridch. 980-982: This date appears in an inscription on the outer wall of the church of St. Grigor of the Abughamrents in Ani. 986-989: The catholicos Khatchik builds the cathedral of Argina and three other churches along with a large library. He moves the catholicosate here; formerly it was at Dvin. 986-1029: Prince Vahram Pahlavuni builds the Monastery of Marmashen. Works go on for a very long time on account of continual interruptions. 1001: Byzance conquers the region of Tayk and puts an end to the kingdom of the same name. The principalities of Kogovit, Bagrevand and Gardman and the emirate of Goght’n are annexed to the kingdom of Ani. The inscription on the southern side of Ani Cathedral states that the monument was built by Queen Katranide, wife of King Gagig I, "king of the Armenians and Georgians", with the blessing of the catholicos Sargis. 1013: An inscription on the south-eastern pillar of the church of St. Grigor, built by King Gagik, reveals this as the date when arcades were constructed. 1019: Petros Getadardz is elected catholicos. He is to make the Church the most powerful institution in all Armenia, even dictating orders to the Bagratuni kings and contributing to the progressive weakening of the kingdom of Ani until its final defeat at the hands of the Byzantines. In this period, there are 500 bishops in Armenia; in Ani alone, the seat of the catholicosate, there are 12 bishops, 40 monks and 500 priests. According to the historian Matt’eos Urhayetsi, the possessions of the catholicosate amount to 500 villages, fortresses, town-ships and towns.

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Ани - столица древней Армении