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   The Manutche mosque
Мечеть Мануче

889: Ashot, first king of the Bagratids, dies at the age of 72, after having given a clearly defined structure and physionomy to the country which, in the preceding centuries, had suffered greatly from the Arab invasions.
890-891: King Ashot is buried at Bagaran, where the Bagratid dynasty tombs are. King Smbat Nahatak (the Martyr) suceeds Ashot and proclaims the citadel of Erazgavors (today’s Shirakavan) capital of his kingdom (890-914).
910: King Gagik Artzruni, with the help of his brothers and King Atrnerseh of Georgia, and thanks also to the armies of Yusuf, defeats Smbat, who loses all his lands and is forced to fall back to Erazgavors, his capital.
914: Subjected to various tortures, King Smbat dies as a prisoner of Yusuf. The danger of total destruction threatens the country and its population. The circumstances are to the advantage of Ashot II Erkat (the Man of Iron), Smbat’s eldest son. He adopts guerilla strategies and reconquers all the fortresses in the Shirak region that had been lost. King Gagik Artzruni, one of the main architects of Smbat’s down-fall, also arrays his armies against Yusuf and inflicts numerous defeats upon him. King Atrnerseh of Georgia proclaims Ashot "king of all the Armenians". Repercussions are not long in coming: wars break out and battles are fought and Armenia suffers almost complete devastation. King Ashot chooses the town of Erazgavors as his capital.
928: King Ashot Erkat’ dies. His brother Abas takes over the throne. 929-940: Abas rebuilds the monasteries of Dprevank in the land of Shirak, and those of Narek to the south of lake of Van.
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