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   The church of St.Prkitch
Церковь св. Пркича

885: The caliph sends his vassal Isa to Ashot with the royal crown. Ashot is consecrated king by the catholicos Gevorg and undertakes the organization of the kingdom of the Bagratids.
After 886: King Smbat establishes relationships of friendship with the Byzantine Emperor Leo VI and sends a number of ambassadors to his court. Thus, they prepare a political and socio-economic agreement. From this moment on, Armenia becomes the link between the Arabian and the Byzantine super-powers and facilitates relations between them. King Smbat also persuades Prince Afshin, governor of Azerbaijan and vassal of the Arabs, to renounce his planned invasion of Armenian territory, ensuring that this kingdom too can be included in the political alliances. Vast markets in Persia are opened to international trade and the transit trade routes towards India and China are guaranteed.
887: Ashot is crowned king by the catholicos Gevorg with the crown sent by the caliph Mo’tamed-Billah through the services of the Persian prince Isa-ibn-Sheik. Immediately afterwards, Byzance too acknowledges the kingdom of the Bagratids.

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