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   An internal view and details from wall painting
Церковь Тиграна Онентца. Bид изнутри - детали настенной живописи

855-856: After the death of his father Smbat, Ashot Metz (the Great) Bagratuni becomes Armenia’s main feudal lord. He accepts absolute supremacy of the Arabian caliphate and, with a series of skilful political manoeuvres, ensures that the country will not suffer further foreign invasions.
862-866: Al-Mosta’in takes the throne of the Arabian caliphate, inheriting a kingdom in a state of complete crisis. Certain Armenian princes, hostages of the Arabian court, return home. Ashot Bagratuni does not take advantage of the situation and declares his absolute obedience to the Arabs. Subsequently, he is also appointed Governor of Georgia and of Albania and the title "prince of princes" is conferred upon him.
876: The Emperor Basil, in his condition as descendent of the Bagratids, sends ambassadors to the court of Ashot to ask the Armenian king for a crown and inviting him to take part in the coronation ceremony.
880: Prince Ashot, with the help of one of his relations, Guaram, the kouropalates (chief of the Byzantine palace), conquers the town of Tbilisi and puts the Arabian governor to flight.

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