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The church of St.Grigor of Tigran Honents
Церковь Тиграна Онентца (св.Григория)

4th century : The feud of the Kamsarakan nobles is set up in the Shirak region. After the conversion of King Trdat to Christianity, Prince Kamsar is also converted and receives vast territories from the king as a reward. But he dies only seven days after his baptism and Shirak passes on to his son, Arshavir. After 400 : The Castle and the Palace of Ani belong to the Kamsarakan feud. 5th century: The historian Eghishe relates that the Castle of Ani has been reconquered by the Persians. 7th centuries: Certain members of the Kamsarakan dynasty continue as lords of the city. 582-602: Maghkhas, vassal of the Byzantine emperor Maurice, erects the fortress of Maghasberd. 613: The Armenian noble Davit’ Saharuni builds the church of Mren. 643: Armenia is invaded by the Arabs, who conquer nearly all the land. 690-692: Prince Nerses Patrik Kamsarakan builds the church of T’alin, dedicated to St. Astvatzatzin (the Holy Mother of God).
705: Vahan Kamsarakan, lord of Shirak, is taken prisoner during a battle waged against the Arabs by the Armenian Vahan Mamikonian. 763: Ashot Msaker (the Carnivorous) Bagratuni hounds the Arab invaders out of the country with the help of his brother Shapuh.

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