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The church of St.Grigor of Tigran Honents seen from the south-west
Церковь Тиграна Онентца (св.Григория) , вид с юго-запада

A second example of a church with apses facing each other is the monastery complex of St. Sion of Herher. The columned hall annexed to the southern side reflects, in its ground plan, a layout already known from the Church of Gagik The burial chapels of well-off families, like that at Igadzor, are similar in plan to the royal tomb of Aghtz: tri-apsidal, with the altar in a semicircular apse and deep, rectangular arcosolia, along with sarcophagi toi the north and south or only one, to the north. The rupestrian sacellum of Tigran Honents is frescoed in the same style as the church above ground that bears his name.
At Ani, the architectural language of underground construction to blend the two cities together, and gives the underground buildings a homogeneous aspect that perfectly suits the whole urban structure. This formal cohesion reinforces the functional and esthetic interdependence of a city which, in its dignity, remains the greatest cultural expression of Armenian architecture - and not only Armenian - in the period between the 10th and the 13th centuries.

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